BREAKING NEWS: Ukraine Exit Polls Say Yanukovych Has Won Election

KIEV, Ukraine -- Exit polls from Ukraine's presidential election indicate opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych has narrowly won.

Viktor Yanukovych

Mr Yanukovych had a lead of between three and five per cent over PM Yulia Tymoshenko. President Viktor Yushchenko lost in the first round.

If correct, it would be a remarkable comeback for the man who was swept aside five years ago by the Orange Revolution.

He is now expected to make Ukraine's foreign policy more pro-Russian.

The BBC's Richard Galpin in Kiev says the result would be an extraordinary indictment of the Orange Revolution leaders' failure to deliver on their promises, which has left people deeply disillusioned.

Mr Yanukovych was a presidential candidate in the last election in 2004, which was found to have been rigged in his favour, sparking the Orange Revolution.

He is now expected to change Ukraine's foreign policy - which has been very pro-Western and anti-Russian - to foster warmer ties with Moscow.

Our correspondent adds the election commission is not due to release results until Monday morning but exit polls there are generally accurate.

Mr Yanukovych won last month's first round of voting, finishing 10% ahead of Mrs Tymoshenko.

Source: BBC News