Noted Scholar Urges Yushchenko To Stop Playing Into Yanukovych’s Hands

KIEV, Ukraine -- By humiliating the Premier of Ukraine and presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko, President Yushchenko actually serves as a mouthpiece for Viktor Yanukovych, Director of the Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy Myroslav Popovych told RBK-Ukrayina.

Professor Myroslav Popovych is one of Ukraine's most outstanding intellectuals.

Popovych challenged the incumbent in his letter to Yushchenko, saying Yushchenko has no chance whatever to make it into the runoffs.

“Considering the inconsistency of your presidential aspirations, you are acting as a mouthpiece for Yanukovych. Moreover, you are throwing Ukraine into an embrace of a person of a very dubious reputation,” Popovych goes on.

“Frankly speaking, you are waging an open war against the premier. It is the war against the woman who, unlike you, is civilized enough not to respond to your baseless accusations and foul declarations,” Popovych says.

“I’m urging you to stop slinging mud at the premier and retain a little of your former respect,” the noted scholar sums up.

Source: ZIK Western Information Agency