Ukraine To Set Up Independent Anti-Corruption Bureau

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine plans setting up an independent Anti-Corruption Bureau, Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko told a session of the cabinet of ministers Tuesday.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko

"We should test all the algorithms for organizing the Anti-Corruption Bureau, which won't be subordinate to anyone, because any struggle with corruption is brought to a halt once you get executive subordination," she said.

The new agency will have the power to investigate the cases of corruption.

The cabinet of ministers is supposed to consider the regulations for selecting and publishing the information on legal entities brought to responsibility for corruption-related offenses, as well as the setting up of a specialized unit for prevention of corrupt practices in the ministries and departments.

Ukraine's Main Auditing and Inspecting Department has issued more than 6,500 acts testifying to the plundering of the state budget, yet only 769 criminal cases have been instituted and the majority of them "hasn't reached even the neighborhood of courts," Timoshenko said.

This disqueting statistis proves that the level of corruption still remains high in Ukraine, she said.



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