Ukraine Epidemic Deaths Hit 95, Outbreak Eases: Officials

KIEV, Ukraine -- Health authorities in Ukraine said Thursday the death toll from an outbreak of flu and respiratory infections had risen to 95, but added the epidemic showed signs of easing.

Ukraine's Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko visits a children hospital in western Ukraine.

"We have 633,877 people suffering from flu and acute respiratory infections," and among these cases "95 people are dead", Deputy Health Minister Zinovy Mytnyk said.

He did not add how many deaths were a result of swine flu.

The new figure was a jump of nine from the death toll announced by health officials Wednesday, which included five deaths confirmed as caused by the A(H1N1) virus.

The World Health Organisation has said it assumes the epidemic is swine flu. Mytnyk added Thursday that the first signs of the outbreak receding had been detected in the west of the country, where the epidemic started.

Medics believe "the peak of the epidemic has already been reached" in several western regions, the official said.

The outbreak -- which caused panic and a run on pharmacies -- prompted Ukrainian authorities to launch tough measures, including school closures and an appeal for help to world powers.

Analysts have suggested that rival Ukrainian leaders may be trying to exploit popular fears in campaigning ahead of January 17 presidential polls, as each candidate seeks to take the initiative in fighting the outbreak.

Source: AFP


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Krakow, Poland (southern Poland) reports no suspicious cases of "Ukraine Flu".

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