Ukraine Switches To European Dialing System Tonight

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine on the night of October 13/14 it to switch to the European telephone dialing system. Starting from October 14, to call to another city within Ukraine one will need to dial 0 instead of 8.

Ukraine switches to new dialing system.

The codes for making international telephone calls from Ukraine have also changed. Users should now dial 00 before the country code instead of dialing 10.

Under the new system, users should just dial the area code followed by the number. For example, to call Kyiv from regions one would need to dial 0-44 and then the number, to make international call to Moscow one would need to dial 0-7-495 and then the number.

Moreover, Kyiv region will get its own area code of 45, while the city will retain 44.

At the same time, most cell phone operators will retain both the new and old dialing systems for some period of time.

Thus, Ukrainian Mobile Communication will keep both systems until February 1, 2010, the Ukrainian Beeline cell phone operator (Ukrainian RadioSystems and GoldenTelecom GSM) until January 15, 2010, mobile operators of the telecommunication group Vega until the middle of December, Intertelecom until the end of November, Kyivstar GSM minimum until the middle of November 2009.

Source: Kyiv Post