Ukraine In Talks With Airbus, Boeing Over Plane Production

NEW YORK, USA -- Ukraine is in talks with Airbus SAS and Boeing Co. about building aircraft in the country, Ukraine’s economy minister Bohdan Danylyshyn said today.

Danylyshyn, speaking in an interview at Ukraine’s Consulate in New York, declined to comment on any of the specifics of the talks or on their progress.

Ukraine’s Antonov OKB, Aviaremontnyi Zavod 410 and VAT Motor Sich produce plane and engine parts, though the country must order plane bodies from Russia, he said.

Danylyshyn said the government wants a partner so it can handle all phases of airline construction in the nation. It might take as long as four years and $5 billion in investments by a partner such as Airbus or Boeing if they agreed to such a venture, he said.

Source: Bloomberg