Emotional Politics: The Orange And The Anti-Obama Type

KIEV, Ukraine -- Politics ruled by emotions is biased, as it lacks an open mind that can objectively evaluate more than one side on any issue. People who are unable to control their emotions are an easy prey to be exploited by any political force. Be it national or foreign. Not excluding those foreign forces represented by political NGOs. Politics without reason creates people who are hateful, panicky and vicious.

Orange Revolution in Ukraine brought a pro-western government to power in 2005.

In general, people who are followers of politics of hate, do not think for themselves. Rather, they are told what to think, what to say, and how to act. They trust their ears better than their eyes and their minds. It is easier. No effort. Let somebody else do the thinking for you.

The Orange Revolution in Ukraine, which brought a pro-western government to power in 2005, thanks to largely an euphoric public organized and funded by well oiled western NGOs has led the citizens to be disillusioned and hopeless of their future. Today, that very popular leader of the orange revolution, president Yushchenko has an approval rate of 3.5%.

What the orange revolution has to show for the euphoria of 2004 and massive western support is, factory closings, massive job cuts, the reduction of GDP by thirty percent, the resignation of at least four cabinet ministers, corruption, serious political in-fighting, and on the way of a total economic collapse in spite of a $16.5 billion dollars of IMF bailout.

In a recent interview president Yushchenko gave to Der Spiegel, when asked about “rumors of mafia-style groups in parliament” he replied by saying, “We have a number of convicted criminals there; they could form their own parliamentary group. The failed constitutional reform has meant that we have representatives in parliament who are only interested in acquiring certain companies and controlling private financial interests.”

I doubt, even if Prime Minister Tymoshenko, the so-called “goddess of the revolution”, with the peasant-braid as tiara hairstyle is going to have a solution to the disaster wrought on Ukraine , by the euphoric orange revolution and its handlers. The political NGOs that primarily focus on, and are actively engaged in influencing policy outcomes by putting pressure on policy makers.

While emotion is based on subjectivity, reason is based on objectivity. In a Democracy, people have the right to disagree. They also have the right to have religious, political, and philosophical disagreements. But, when certain opposition forces believe that those who do not think as they do are evil, and must be destroyed, it raises the issue of dealing with an irrational force that doesn’t understand in a dialogue and an open debate.

How else can one explain, the rally in Washington , D.C. against president Obama? During the rally in Freedom Plaza, the demonstrators carried signs that read, “ Liar In Chief”, “ Parasite In Chief”, “save freedom , stop Obama”, “Don’t blame me ,I voted for the American”, etc. Is this not a clear example of politics of hate? Politics of irrational folks? As the great Kahlil Gibran wrote in his poem “Reason and Passion”, “Passion unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction”.

Source: WaltaInfo