Yushchenko Behaves Like Kuchma, Herman Says

KIEV, Ukraine -- “I would advise Pres Yushchenko to rise above old grudges and his own ambitions as well as give up any illusions that he has a chance to be reelected,” Regions’ Hanna Herman said Aug. 19.

Opposition Region Party's MP Hanna Herman.

Herman commented to ZIK, regarding Yushchenko’s intention to protest to the Constitutional Court if Verkhovna Rada overturns his veto on the presidential election law. It would be productive for the incumbent to meet with other political players to air his proposals and convince them to accept some of them, the lawmaker said.

“If Pres Yushchenko lacks the common sense the leader should have, she continued, some pitiful conclusions can be drawn as Yushchenko’s conduct in such a case would be reminiscent of the conduct of former Pres Kuchma who tried to cling to power at any cost by using legitimate and illegitimate means. President Yushchenko’s conduct looks this way if he persists that the election be held in accordance with the old law which provides ample opportunities for electoral fraud,” Herman said.

If Yushchenko has any reasonable proposals, they could be incorporated in the new election law. However, the incumbent should not engage in ultimatums, saying if you don’t do what I want you to do, I’ll protest to the Constitutional Court.

“One can’t behave like a fretful child. The Party of Regions is an influential political force, in fact, the largest party in Ukraine, and we will never tolerate the tone of lecturing,” she summed up.

Source: ZIK


AL said…
The Party of Regions is is headed by an ex-con, who was aressted for rape, robbry, and assault, and spent hard time in prison with other fellons. They are supported by the kremlin, and advocate the agenda of the kremlin. Also, it stands to reason that yanykovich is affiliated with the KGB.
InventPeace said…
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