Yanukovych Is Poised To Become Ukraine’s President, Poll Shows

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukrainian Opposition Leader Viktor Yanukovych, whose unsuccessful bid for the presidency helped trigger the 2004 Orange Revolution, is poised to win the post in the Jan. 17 election.

Pro-Moscow Viktor Yanukovych

Yanukovych was backed by 21.7 percent of people in a July 20-28 survey by the Kiev-based Razumkov Center for Economic and Political Studies of 2,006 eligible voters.

Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko was second with 13.2 percent and former Parliamentary Speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk was third with 10.9 percent. The survey has a margin of error of 2.3 percentage points.

President Viktor Yushchenko, who wants to move Ukraine closer to the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization and was swept to power by the revolution, garnered only 4.2 percent, the poll showed.

Yanukovych, who supports closer ties with Russia, would beat both Timoshenko and Yatsenyuk in a re-run of the presidential elections, while Yatsenyuk would lead over Timoshenko, the poll showed.

Source: Bloomberg