Fidel Castro's Columns Published In Ukraine

HAVANA, Cuba -- The book entitled "Fidel Castro. Reflections of the Commander of the Revolution", compiled for the first time in the Russian language, was launched in Ukraine on Friday.

Fidel Castro

Attending the presentation of the book were parliamentarians from the Supreme Rada of the Ukraine, belonging to the Party of Regions, the Communist Party, and the bloc of Primer Minister Yulia Timoshenko, as well as members of the board of directors of the Ukraine-Cuba Friendship Association, and business representatives.

During the activity, Cuba’s ambassador to Kiev, Felix Leon Carballo, thanked Dmitri Tabachnik, member of the Ukrainian Parliament, for being the initiator of this project, and described him as a friend of Cuba and a connoisseur of its history.

Tabachnik recalled his meetings with the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, and said that he has never met a head of state that can speak in such depth on such a wide variety of subjects and be so accurate when citing statistical data.

He pointed out that the most varied themes of world interest, from climate change to the production of bio-fuels, including Washington’s policy toward Cuba, are tackled in the 58 compiled essays, written from March 2007 to November 2008.

The website of the Cuban Foreign Ministry points out that Tabachnik, who is also the vice-president of the Parliamentarian Friendship-with-Cuba Group, highlighted the fact that for almost 19 years, doctors from the archipelago have offered their services free of charge to more than 22,000 Ukrainian children, the victims of the Chernobil nuclear disaster.

Source: The Miami Herald


Rojak1 said…
Why would Yulia want to be associated with this terrible book in any way? Does she go to other Communist events? I don't understand this.
I am an American citizen.