Poll: Yushchenko, Tymoshenko Are Main Culprits Of Crisis In Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- The majority of Ukrainians think that Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko are the main culprits of the crisis in the country, a poll conducted amongst 800 respondents by IFAK Ukraine on February 5 - 15 showed.

Yushchenko (L) and Tymoshenko in file photo.

Some 54 percent of respondents think that Yushchenko is to be blamed for the crisis, while 44 percent think that it was Tymoshenko's fault.

A total of 20 percent view the Verkhovna Rada as the one responsible for the situation. Just 11 percent accuse the National Bank, while 8 percent prefer to blame large business.

Some 64 percent of respondents are ready to take part in peaceful protests actions, including rallies, pickets, and strikes.

Some 37 percent rely on themselves in overcoming the crisis.

Source: Kyiv Post