No Hope To Reconcile Yushchenko And Tymoshenko, Speaker Lytvyn Says

KIEV, Ukraine -- “Unfortunately, I have to admit that there is no hope to reconcile President Yushchenko and Premier Tymoshenko,” Speaker Lytvyn told his voters in the Ternopil oblast. As soon as any decision is taken by the cabinet, a counter decision follows at once. The situation in Ukraine is worsening at a catastrophic speed, Lytvyn admitted.

He stressed that the bitter stand-off [between Yushchenko and Tymoshenko] is explained by their inability to make up and shake hands.

Lytvyn also commented on Pres Kravchuk’s appeal to Yushchenko to step down and call a pre-term presidential election. Kravchuk’s statement “definitely, mirrors the feelings of Ukrainians,” Lytvyn opined.

“I realize that, given the circumstances, it seems impossible to reconcile Yushchenko and Tymoshenko. However, they must be forced to keep working, Lytvyn said, adding that he has always acted on the following principle: if you’re at a loss what to do, go by the law.

The speaker stressed the importance to comply with the constitution. “It is not without faults, but we have to comply with it. One cannot violate it right, left and center.”

The president, premier, Verkhovna Rada and the opposition must be forced to a roundtable to draw up a roadmap for Ukraine, Lytvyn added.

“It is a long way to the presidential election. Calls for Yushchenko’s resignation and snap presidential election will be futile, unless the situation worsens dramatically and [Ukrainians] hit the streets,” Lytvyn warned.

Lytvyn said he has to lean over backwards to keep the legislature going and thus ensure a dialog among the branches of power.

“There is a plan to rock the boat in Ukraine,” he warned.

Source: ZIK


sailor said…
To an American this is something new: two people able to create a stalemate when quick action is called for. The equivalent, of course, would be our Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress practicing partisanship and stalling the passage of important legislation. Fortunately, President Obama had enough votes in the Congress to get his stimulus package passed.