Europe Ambassador: We Have Started A Dialog To Ease Visa Regime For Ukraine

SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine -- Head of the Delegation of the European Commission to Ukraine Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira hopes that the Ukrainian government will manage to meet with the conditions, which will enable relaxation of visa regime between Ukraine and the European Union.

Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira

"We have started a dialog on the liberalization of visa regime, but there exists a number of conditions the Ukrainian government should fulfill. For example, those concerning the documentation and the issuance of passports as well as a number of other requirements, which are a subject to discussion in such a dialog," head of the European Commission delegation to Ukraine said at a press conference in Simferopol on Friday.

At the same time, he noted that they agree that the final results will be the freedom of movement throughout the EU for Ukrainian citizens as well.

German Ambassador to Ukraine Hans-J├╝rgen Heimsoeth, in turn, has said that the visa dialog, which has been launched between Ukraine and the EU, will ultimately lead to visa-free travel for Ukrainians.

Source: Kyiv Post