Cracking At Chernomyrdin, Ukraine FM Acted On Stupid Orders From Yushchenko - Taras Chornovil

KIEV, Ukraine -- Parliament foreign relations committee deputy head Taras Chornovil told ZIK that the recent scandal involving the Russian ambassador was a frame-up orchestrated on the instructions from President Yushchenko.

Taras Chornovil

“The foreign ministry has launched a stupid and primitive publicity stunt to boost Yushchenko’s meager rating. The past conflict involving the Tuzla island had the same scenario,” Chornovil stressed.

The lawmaker reminded how President Leonid Kuchma’s rating ballooned in the aftermath of the Tuzla stand-off with Russia.

“Believing he stands a chance for a second term in office, President Yushchenko is eager to beef up his support by jumpstarting risky situations involving the inevitable external enemy and a blue-eyed boy in Ukraine bravely defending his country,” T. Chornovil says.

Yushchenko kicks sand in Russia’s face in the hope of unleashing Moscow on Yulia Tymoshenko, his Enemy #1.

Russia will react to Ukraine FM statement threatening to declare Viktor Chernomyrdin a persona non grata.

“Russia is like a fighter-bulldog. No matter how you coax it or share you bed with it, it remains a fighter-dog. If you give it a kick, it will go for your throat,” Chornovil says.

Source: ZIK