Slain Moscow Reporter Buried In Sevastopol

SEVASTOPOL, Ukraine -- Anastasiya Baburova, who chased after the assassin of human-rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov only to be killed by the same unidentified gunman, was buried in her native Ukraine on Jan. 26.

Larysa Baburova at the funeral of her daughter Anastasiya Baburova, 25, seen in framed photo. An unknown gunman assassinated the young journalist and human-rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov in Moscow on Jan.19.

Baburova, 25, was a Moscow journalist with one of Russia’s few remaining independent newspapers, Novaya Gazeta.

She and Markelov were slain less than a mile from the Kremlin, just after the lawyer held a Jan. 19 press conference to condemn the early release from prison of a Russian army colonel convicted of killing an 18-year-old Chechen woman in 2000.

Baburova was from Sevastopol.

Agence France Presse reported that several dozen mourners attended the funeral Mass held in St. Vladimir Orthodox Cathedral in the center of the Crimean port city before she was laid to rest in a cemetery on the city’s outskirts.

Her mother, Larysa Baburova, told the French news agency that her daughter a year ago had complained that her work was too dangerous, saying: “Mum, I am not going to live long like this.”

Novaya Gazeta – one of the few Russian newspapers that allow criticism of the Kremlin in its coverage – has been hit by tragedy several times, including in 2006, when star journalist Anna Politkovskaya was gunned down in Moscow.

If these murders follow the disturbing Russian pattern, no killers will be found.

Source: Kyiv Post