“Why Is The Boss Mum?” – Leonid Kravchuk Asks President Yushchenko

KIEV, Ukraine -- If presidential office officials have proof of Tymoshenko’s high treason and say they have handed it to the prosecutors (and this means that they have some documents) and prosecutors deny seeing any documents, then the question arises “Why does the incumbent keep a low profile and does not react to such tomfoolery?” asks Ukraine’s first President Leonid Kravchuk.

Dr. Leonid Kravchuk, first President of an independent Ukraine.

Kravchuk says recent statements by Yushchenko aides humiliate the country and its authorities. “It is abominable and indecent when officials accuse the premier of the gravest crime one can imagine for a politician, with the president keeping a tight lip, Kravchuk adds.

He doesn’t believe the officials could make such statements without the incumbent knowledge. Kravchuk poses a question: who’s the boss in the presidential office if ordinary clerks dare to do whatever they want.

“I am not defending any one, I am for a law-abiding, tolerant and balanced relationships in the Ukrainian executive. I am opposed to ways when officials make irresponsible statements, and the incumbent doesn’t bring them to account,” Kravchuk stresses.

Tymoshenko, he goes on, has been accused of all crimes imaginable, and now the presidential team has accused her of the gravest crime, high treason.

“They still have one more crime to pin on Tymoshenko. They can say that there hasn’t been Armageddon yet because Yulia Tymoshenko hasn’t engineered it. When they accuse her of not starting the Armageddon, I will say it out and loud they are nuts, and instead of being in politics they should be treated in a clinic,” the first president noted.

There shouldn’t be any dismissal of the cabinet as it is working effectively. It is stupid to sack the cabinet because the opposition wants this to happen.

Kravchuk is convinced that even if the opposition manages to sack the cabinet, it won’t be able to create a coalition and appoint a new premier. Tymoshenko will only benefit in the end, same as she will from presidential office clumsy stunts, he says.

Source: ZIK


gregory said…
Yushchenko, listen to what the Founding Father says and behave!