Union Of BYUT And SDPU Is Fraught With Risks For Ukraine, United Center Leader Ihor Krul Warns

LUTSK, Ukraine -- United Center leader Kril has called BYUT a hallmark of anti-Ukrainian forces rallying around Viktor Medvedchuk. Kril was speaking in a May 2 press conference in Lutsk, ZIK reports.

SDPU leader Viktor Medvedchuk

“In 1999, when the then Pres Leonid Kuchma appointed Viktor Yushchenko premier, Ukrainian patriots rallied around Yushchenko.

Simultaneously, anti-Ukrainian forces began to consolidate around Viktor Medvedchuk, Ihor Kril argued.

Recall the dismissal of Premier Yushchenko and who was behind it.

Recall 2004: is it correct to say that Yanukovych was behind the scheme to depose Yushchenko?

Yanukovych was the front man, with Medvedchuk pulling all the strings.

I believe, the situation is much the same now. Again we witness the tug-of-war between patriotic and anti-Ukrainian forces, with Medvedchuk again pulling the strings – this time propped by BYUT,” Kril opined.

He added: ”The union between BYUT and SDPU poses a threat for Ukraine as it is more sophisticated and brutal from the point of view of its tactics. I spoke with Volyn politicians, and they say Ukraine is in danger.”

Ihor Kril listed the doings by BYUT which he believes are against the interests of Ukraine.

“In a populist frenzy, they are eager to sell off lucrative state property only to buy more votes,” he added.

Source: ZIK