Ukraine Troops Considered For Georgia

KIEV, Ukraine -- The government of Georgia has asked the United Nations to replace Russian troops in the peacekeeping operations in Abkhazia with troops from other countries.

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U.N. officials said Wednesday that security forces from Ukraine are under consideration to act as a security presence in the disputed region of Abkhazia, which is within the Georgian borders and not recognized internationally.

U.N. Resident Coordinator in Ukraine Francis O'Donnell said he has not ruled out participation of Ukrainian troops, the Ukraine government reported.

"Ukraine now influences the political and economic situation in various world countries," O'Donnell said in a statement. "To a great extent, this is due to the level of confidence in the Ukrainian peacekeepers among local population of conflict areas, and it is extremely high."

Russia recently has been actively pursuing formal ties with Abkhazia. Critics say the moves by Russia have raised concerns about the region's stability.

Additionally, a report out Tuesday from the United Nations said that Russia was responsible for the crash of an unmanned Georgian aircraft in Abkhazia in April.

Source: UPI