Ukraine And Libya In Nuclear Cooperation

TRIPOLI, Libya -- Viktor Yushchenko, Ukraine's president, says his country is ready to cooperate with Libya in the military field, as regards space research and the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Colonel Muammar Kadhafi

In a message from President Yushchenko to Colonel Muammar Kadhafi, the Libyan le ader, he reiterated Ukraine's willingness to launch joint projects with Libya in Africa and to initiate cooperation in the military and technical fields.

"The people of Ukraine are in a position to satisfy the needs of the Libyan side. Ukraine is also ready to implement fully the proposals and to show great interest to cooperation, especially with the Libya-Africa Portfolio for investment, and benefit from its experience in the creation of common interest projects on the African continent," he said.

An official Libyan source affirmed that President Yushchenko said priority should also be given to bilateral economic projects as well as to the establishment of a common industrial base.

The participation of Ukrainian firms in oil and gas production, the construction of railway lines and roads as well as the opportunity offered to the Ukrainian o il and gas company to enter the Libyan market were among the priorities underlined by president Yushchenko, who visited Libya from 7-8 April.

He also invited Libyan investors to visit Ukraine soon to launch the implementat ion of investment projects for the building of an oil refinery, hotels, roads an d other projects in the field of cereals production in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian leader recalled the rapid establishment of a base for the maintena nce of Antonov planes, while Libya participated in the activities of the Ukraine Helicopters company in view of the establishment of a firm by Libya and Ukraine.

Source: Afriquenligne