Democratic Coalition In Ukraine Exists Only On Paper - Tymoshenko

KIEV, Ukraine -- The so-called "democratic coalition" in Ukraine in fact exists only on paper, Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said.

Premier Yulia Tymoshenko

"It is a big question whether a democratic coalition exists in Ukraine today. In legal terms, it does exist and is functioning in the parliament. But in fact there is another coalition comprising all oligarchic groups, the Party of Regions, and part of our democratic sector," Tymoshenko said speaking to residents of the Minsk district of Kyiv on Tuesday.

"The president has ordered opening criminal cases against the managers of the State Treasury and the acting head of the State Property Fund appointed by the government," she said.

"The Prosecutor General's Office is not only turning a blind eye to corruption but, along with other government bodies, they also provide protection to this," she said.

The Prosecutor General's Office has also barred the government from depriving the Vanco company of a license to develop Black Sea offshore resources, Tymoshenko said. "This company is owned by members of the Party of Regions and a Russian company," she said.

"Now the democratic president together with the Prosecutor General's Office, which they own fifty-fifty with the Party of Regions, have opened a criminal case against me," she said.

Tymoshenko also accused the presidential secretariat of corruption. "How can I keep silent when I take documents and see that the Yanukovych government handed 350 hectares of land and 300 hectares of forests to presidential secretariat chief [Viktor] Baloha?" she said.

"I have only one way to go, forward, and ignore any obstacles" in the current situation, she said.

"We will not surrender and will go until the president, the Prosecutor General's Office, the Verkhovna Rada and courts serve you [the Ukrainian public] rather than each other," Tymoshenko said.

Source: Interfax