Ukraine Complained Of Russia To U.N.

MOSCOW, Russia -- A complaint of Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reached the U.N. headquarters and was given the status of official document of the U.N. General Assembly, according to the U.N. web.

A woman passes by a banner near the French embassy in Kiev. A demonstration in support of Ukraine's membership in NATO took place in front of the French and German embassies in the capital Kiev.

The complaint is against Russia, of course.

The document draws attention to the recent statements of Russia’s officials questioning territorial integrity of Ukraine and directly interfering into domestic affairs of the country.

No definite names are given for some reason.

Official Kiev demands that Russia drops the practice of threatening Ukraine and emphasizes that the progress in relations of two countries proves that Ukraine has made the right choice when staking on the NATO integration.

On April 10, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry submitted a note of protest to its Russia’s counterpart in response to the statement made by Vladimir Putin in time of the NATO-Russia’s summit.

In his conversation with U.S. President George Bush, Putin said that Ukraine was not even a state, as a part of its territory is Eastern Europe and a sizeable portion has been presented by Russia.

On the next day after that statement, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov pledged that Moscow would spare no efforts to prevent Ukraine and Georgia from joining the NATO.

Source: Kommersant