Ubisoft To Open New Ukraine Studio

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Publisher Ubisoft has announced that it has chosen Kiev, Ukraine as the location for its latest internal studio to assist its Bucharest studio on Tom Clancy's HAWX, with plans to employ as many as 800 people across Eastern Europe by 2009.

Tom Clancy's HAWX

Ubisoft says that a "core team of 12 developers" in the region, led by Vitalii Blazheiev, has already been part of the development of the PC version of Blazing Angels: Secret Missions of WWII, and the that studio hopes to employ some 50 people within the coming year.

Ubisoft also notes that it has maintained a presence in Eastern Europe for 15 years, first with its Bucharest, Romania studio -- now employing over 500 people -- and later its Sofia, Bulgaria studio -- currently employing over 50 -- following the success of Silent Hunter and Blazing Angels.

Said Ubisoft worldwide executive director Christine Burgess-Quémard, "We have had a very positive experience in Eastern Europe, as the quality of the upcoming Tom Clancy's HAWX developed by our Bucharest studio can attest. Having seen the potential demonstrated by the Sofia studio's first projects, it was only natural for us to pursue our expansion in this region and attract a new pool of highly-skilled talents to the group."

Source: Gamasutra