Corruption In Ukraine Threatens National Security – Yushchenko

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has said that corruption in Ukraine is a threat to national security.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko

“Corruption has gone so far that it is taking away the future from our state,” Yushchenko told a conference devoted to the struggle against corruption.

He said this social ill was most frequent in the bodies of state power, including law enforcement. Yushchenko accused the senior officials of state bodies of power of lack of coordination in resisting corruption.

“How come we do not have the proper statistics, criteria and legislation? Our task is to find the motivation in order to fight corruption effectively, to unite in the drive for a common cause and to resist this ill,” the president said.

Yushchenko pointed to a menacing degree of corruption in the health service, education, courts, the police, tax authorities, license policies and customs.

“Shortfalls in the struggle against corruption are nakedly clear. No steps are being taken to prevent it. We still lack a competent agency that would be responsible for comprehensive work to resist this phenomenon.”

Source: ITAR-Tass


Alexsander said…
Corruption is a way of living or more like surviving for Ukrainian people; it became second nature to them. Corruption spreads though the organization or agency, the higher position you have the more money you make and there is no way to stop this, it all starts at the top. All Ukrainians fallow by examples, if Ukrainian person placed in position when they are at the top of hierarchical structure, by the time they got to the top, they went though process in which they are the main contributors to such ideology. The level of corruption depends on how much they contribute to this process. Ukraine will always be corrupted, unless we replaced the whole structure. The structure can only be replaced by individual who got their education outside Ukraine and was not introduced to corruptions. If anyone was in Ukraine, is aware that anything can be bought in Ukraine. Ukraine have a long time to go before it fix deficiencies.