New Airplane For Pressa

KIEV, Ukraine -- Obozrevatel, a Ukrainian Internet newspaper, and others report that President Yushchenko will soon be getting a ’new toy’ - a brand-new Airbus A319 presidential airplane priced $40-$60 million, even though only about half that sum had been ear-marked for upgrading the President’s flight.

An Airbus A319 fitted with a custom executive interior.

Until now Yushchenko has been using a Ukrainian-built 2004 Antonov, registration UR-YVA, [Yushchenko Viktor Andriyevych - cheesy eh?] or one of two Illushins.

Obozrevatel quite rightly insists the President should exclusively promote and use home-built planes, which are as good any in the world.

This is no way for the President to gain support in Kharkiv - home of Antonov aircraft, or Zaporizhzha where Motor Sich, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aircraft engines and turbines is located.

Others thinks the President should get his head out of the clouds and his feet back on the ground - and think more about Ukrainian aircraft engineers and designers.

They will be around much longer than he will be as President.

Source: Agoravox