Netto Heads For Ukraine

LONDON, United Kingdom -- Danish-owned supermarket giant Netto, which has 181 UK stores, has announced plans to open in Ukraine. Netto says it will be the first discount retailer from western Europe to have operations in the country.

The Dansk Supermarked-owned chain believes it could open more than 1,000 stores in Ukraine.

Richard Lancaster, Netto’s UK managing director, said: "We see big potential and many opportunities in Ukraine. The country has a population of almost 50 million, all of whom have increasingly substantial purchasing power.”

Development pace would be faster than in the other European countries in which Netto has a presence, the company said.

It hopes to have up to 30 stores ready to open before the business becomes fully operational in 2009.

These will be followed by a further 25 a year, on average.

Netto is set to open a minimum of 25 more stores a year in the UK in 2008 with similar plans in place for Germany and Sweden.

Poland will get another 50 stores per year.

Said Lancaster: “This year we opened 20 new UK Netto stores. With research showing us that our shoppers’ purchasing is on the increase, as is the amount they spend with us when they visit, we are very confident in the future of our business at home and abroad.”

Source: Talking Retail


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