Moscow Slams "Anti-Russian" Practices In Ukraine

MOSCOW. Russia -- Russia said on Friday it was "seriously anxious about a rise in openly nationalistic, anti-Russian and Russophobic sentiments and practices in Ukraine."

"Effectively, attempts are being made to use complicated periods in our joint history to gain immediate political advantages in satisfaction of dubious ideological principles," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement posted on its website.

"One has the impression that certain political forces in Ukraine deliberately encourage actions of this kind and thereby knowingly pursue a line that may cause Russian-Ukrainian relations to deteriorate and inflict serious damage on feelings of good-neighborliness and confidence that our fraternal peoples have traditionally had for each other," the ministry said.

"Not only do radical nationalistic forces in the country feel unrestricted and immune to punishment. They are building up their provocative action," it said.

"Russia expects that not only those in authority but also the Ukrainian intelligentsia, veterans and youth will speak their minds," the statement said.

"Russia will continue to unflinchingly pursue its course of protecting and promoting Ukrainian culture and strengthening humanitarian ties between the two fraternal peoples," it said.

Source: Interfax