Miss World 2008 To Be Held In Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- Beauty will save the world – at least it looks like it might be the only thing around to save it, since whatever happens, beauty contests never cease taking place, all year round.

Lika Roman - Miss World Ukraine 2007

And I’m not even talking about the local, Ukrainian contests, but the number of global ones seems to be growing just the same.

Ukraine has of late taken active part in the beauty pageant movement, and not only by sending its gals out there to compete – it’s more than common – but by holding those contests as well.

Last autumn it received the Miss Europe contest which was attended by some foreign celebrities, including designer Roberto Cavalli.

And now the news is that Miss World 2008 will be held in Ukraine – it was announced at the finale of Miss World 2007, which took place in China and was won by a Chinese.

The Ukrainian participant in the pageant didn’t enter the finals, but was included in Top-20 beautiful figures of the contest, which might well mean she will join the army of Ukrainian models storming the world’s major catwalks with great success.

As for the reason why next year’s beauty show will take place in Kyiv, it clearly had something to do with Olena Franchuk, founder of the Ukrainian charitable fund ANITSPID, who became the first Ukrainian representative in the Miss World jury of the entire 56 years of the contest’s existence.

As it appears, it was just enough to bring the famed contest to Ukraine’s capital.

Miss World has been held annually since 1951.

Till the beginning of the 90s, it was permanently located in London, but later on it started moving around the globe.

The finals are being broadcast live to more than 70 countries of the world, and its overall audience totals two billion people.

In the meantime, yet another beauty pageant took place in Ukraine – it was the 8th International Festival of Beauty and Success Pani Ukraina.

The title was given to Tatyana Vorobyova of Simferopol, who appeared before the jury disguised as Marilyn Monroe.

Source: Kyiv Post


vedishow said…
As a fashion photographer and a BIG fan of beauty contests, I admire Kiev as a place for taking this most famous event in my age. It's a chance to spend my dream to visit it as a gift for my birth day!
Veselin Dimitrov, Varna, BG
born 1951
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