Light Passenger Plane Crashes In Ukraine, Five Dead - Summary

KIEV, Ukraine -- A light passenger aircraft crashed in Ukraine on Sunday, killing five, according to news reports. The apparent accident took place near Kiev's Zhuliani airport, a secondary airfield in the western suburbs of the Ukrainian capital.

A Beechcraft make, similar to this file photo, crashed in Ukraine on Sunday.

The plane was of Beechcraft make, and had been a charter en route from the Czech Republic, the Interfax news agency reported.

The Beechcraft crashed in a field some 300 metres from a highway, according to unconfirmed reports after catching fire and exploding in mid-air.

There were no ground injuries reported.

Searchers found debris from the aircraft up to 200 metres from its impact point, officials at Ukraine's Ministry of Emergency Situations said.

The victims included two pilots and three passengers, none of whom were Ukrainian nationals, according to the report.

Air traffic radars lost the plane shortly before its planned arrival at Zhuliani.

Fog due to rising temperatures and wet ground was present in many areas of the Kiev region throughout the day.

Source: Earth Times