Official Parliamentary Election Results Published In Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- The official results of Ukraine's snap parliamentary elections were published in government media Saturday, the final formality before a new legislature can convene.

Yulia Tymoshenko is slated to become the next PM of Ukraine

According to the results, the pro-West Orange Revolution parties of President Viktor Yushchenko and the charismatic Yulia Tymoshenko together mustered a slim majority of 228 seats in the 450-member Verkhovna Rada.

The two parties have pledged to form a government with Tymoshenko returning as prime minister.

The rival Party of Regions, led by the more Moscow-friendly Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, finished first in the Sept. 30 ballot and will control 175 seats.

Publication of the results became possible after the High Administrative Court on Thursday threw out a suit filed by five parties seeking to contest the results based on alleged violations.

The legislature now has about a month to convene after the official publication of the election results, though no date has yet been set for the first Rada session.

In an interview with the Weekly Mirror newspaper published Saturday, Yanukovych called for forming a broad coalition that would encompass three parties and bridge the divide in Ukrainian society.

"I want everyone to understand that, irrespective of distribution of forces in Verkhovna Rada, not a single important decision as for domestic and foreign policy will be taken without considering the Party of Regions," Yanukovych said.

Source: International Herald Tribune