Ukraine To Sell Its Only Submarine

KIEV, Ukraine -- The only submarine owned by Ukraine's navy will be put up for sale after a complete overhaul is finished, the Interfax-Ukraine News Agency reported on Monday.

Ukraine's Tango class "Zaporizhya" submarine

Ukrainian Defense Minister Anatoliy Grytsenko said the vessel has been undergoing a major overhaul for the past 10 years, but the work will probably be completed at the end of 2007.

The vessel will then be exhibited around the world to attract potential buyers, the minister said.

The proceeds from the sale are estimated at 50 million to 70 million U.S. dollars, which will be invested in streamlining the country's naval force, the official added.

The vessel, originally owned by the Soviet Union, was transferred to the Black Sea Fleet in 1990 and has belonged to Ukraine's navy since 1997.

It went into operation 35 years ago, covering a total distance of 13,000 sea miles.

It cruised in many maritime spaces, traveling to as far as the Arctic Pole, Cuba and the Barents Sea.

Source: Xinhua


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