Raise Teachers’ Salaries

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine’s educational system is failing the grade when it comes to producing qualified candidates for the professional workforce.

The number of bribes offered to or demanded by teachers has risen year-on-year, while the quality of education offered by the country’s institutions of higher learning has remained low.

The Constitution guarantees the right to a free education.

The reality, however, is that education is not free, as pupils, students or their parents end up paying the cost of a bribe or the price of low-quality education.

Efforts to combat corruption in the educational system have targeted the system of university admissions, but corrupt practices within the classrooms of the country’s high schools and universities remain largely unaddressed.

Several solutions are required for dealing with these problems.

One would require admitting that free universal education is something that the state does not and cannot provide.

Private institutions should be allowed to play a greater role in educating the nation’s youth.

And to boost the quality of state institutions, education should be paid for, the bribes legalized and teachers’ salaries raised significantly.

To place more power into students’ hands, a system of student loans should be developed and introduced.

Bribery would be curbed, as finances would be transferred directly from banks to universities.

The banking sector, which is vital to the country’s economic growth, would see its business increase with the new line of services.

And the students themselves would take their education more seriously, as they would have a vested financial interest in completing studies and securing gainful employment.

The temptation to demand or accept a bribe will exist until teachers are paid at a level where supplementary incomes are no longer necessary.

Salaries should be boosted, or the bribes being given and taken should be legalized.

Otherwise, low wages for teachers will continue to result in the low quality of graduates entering the country’s workforce.

Source: Kyiv Post Editorial


Skotakollr said…
Introducing loans for students in this system will not erase the bribes and fraud. it will make it more complex and there will simply be more administration getting in on the action. Whomever wrote this atricle is extremely naive about reforming the systems inside Ukraine. firstly exposing the teachers and professors who take bribes and receive money to "pass" students who sit in class on their mobile phones should be terminated and their teaching credietials revoked so they are made to take an ethics course and then be subject to a review commitee before being placed on probation for 5 years. the students who offer bribes to pas a course they are failing shoudl simply be asked to leave the university with out refund of course money. and perhaps forbidden forom attending university or higher education in Ukraine. if they have so much money to burn let them spend it in another countrys educational system.
salary, a universal problem all over the world, personally I think if we stopped fighting wars and spent the money on teachers and ethics and law then mabey we wouldn't need to have a salary problem,But as long as there are putins' and bushs' in government then we will have problems with governments ability to see and do the right things. Unfortunatly the fact that high governement ministers are immune from prosecution bribes will always be some factor in Ukraine,and other eastern countries. Law should be equal for everyone from the president to the lowest poorest child. so should education be available, and teachers should be reveared and not feared. Shame to those professors who take money, if they used their voice to tell the governement their issues they might get better conditions. and at least the ethics would not have been compromised.