Ukraine’s Communist Judge To Report On Presidential Decree Case

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukrainian Constitutional Court Judge Maria Markush, a former member of parliament from the Communist Party, has been appointed reporting judge in the case opened over the presidential decree of April 26 on the dissolution of parliament and early parliamentary elections, the chief of the Constitutional Court’s press-service, Ivan Avramov, told the media.

Ukrainian Constitutional Court Judge Maria Markush

The official said he had no information confirming the two cases opened over two presidential decrees terminating the powers of parliament – those of April 2 and 26 – had been pooled into one.

Earlier, Constitutional Court Judge Stepan Gavrish, appointed by the president, had predicted the CC ruling regarding the presidential decrees to dissolve parliament should be expected by May 18.

“According to some sources, there are draft resolutions already,” Gavrish said. He claimed that both cases had been merged into one.

At a certain point the CC’s ruling on the first decree was said to be practically ready, but the president dismissed three CC judges, including Suzanna Stanik, thereby slowing down the court’s operation.

Yushchenko twice issued decrees ordering the termination of the existing parliament and calling early elections.

Under the latter decree the polling day was set for June 24.

Currently the presidential secretariat is working on the wording of a third decree, setting a different election date.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich, the leader of the Party of Regions, has suggested waiting for the Constitutional Court to pronounce its verdict.

Source: Itar-Tass