Ukraine's Acting Prosecutor Opens Criminal Case Against Interior Minister

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine’s Acting Prosecutor General Viktor Shemchuk said Saturday a criminal case had been instituted against Interior Minister Vassily Tsushko and the investigation has been delegated to the National Security Service.

Interior Minister Vassily Tsushko

Shemchuk said he heard a report on pre-trial investigation of the clashes that occurred Friday inside the building of the Prosecutor General’ s Office between servicemen of two opposing agencies of state power – the police crack unit Berkut and the State Guard Service.

“In the format of that investigation, 50 eyewitnesses have been questioned and video materials confiscated from TV channels have been studied,” Shemchuk said. “A minute-by-minute stopwatch account of the events has been compiled.”

In the meantime, Vassily Tsushko believes that someone is trying to make him a scapegoat of this crisis.

“The goal is clear, and it’s to destabilize the activity of the police that has been ensuring stable observance of law and order for more than 50 days, since the very outbreak of this crisis,” he said.

“A more distant goal is to open struggle for the Interior Ministry,” Tsushko added.

He said in parliament Friday he had never exceeded his occupational powers.

“I told them openly that anyone who dares use force gets his mouth smashed, just like it should be,” Tsushko said. “They did get it yesterday because political banditry is unacceptable.”

Source: ITAR-Tass