Ukraine's Party Of Regions Calls For Early Presidential Election

KIEV, Ukraine -- The Party of Regions plans to register Friday with the Ukrainian parliament a draft law to hold early presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine on September 30, a deputy head of the faction said Wednesday.

Ukraine has been embroiled recently in an ongoing struggle between presidential and premier factions in the country, which over the past six months has seen several ministers appointed by President Viktor Yushchenko and then dismissed by the Supreme Rada, where the Party of Regions, led by Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, holds a majority.

Vasyl Kyselyov said that Yushchenko should support the initiative if he cares about his country.

"If he is a true president and wants order in the country, than he will support our initiative," Kyselyov said.

Last Saturday Yulia Tymoshenko's eponymous bloc (BYT) and Our Ukraine bloc in the Ukrainian parliament signed an opposition merger accord.

The united opposition stated that it will seek early parliamentary and local legislature elections, and will demand the imperative mandate for deputies of local legislative bodies, the abolishment of December 2004 amendments to the Ukrainian constitution and the adoption of a new draft of the country's fundamental political document.

Source: RIA Novosti