Orange Revolution Leader Yulia Tymoshenko Announces Schedule Change For U.S. Visit

KIEV, Ukraine -- Former Ukrainian Prime Minister and Orange Revolution leader Yulia Tymoshenko announced today that she has made changes to this week's scheduled visit to the United States, canceling the New York segment and refocusing on her Washington meetings.

The always charming Orange Revolution Leader Yulia Tymoshenko

She explained that her ongoing outreach to citizens in cities and towns across Ukraine, undertaken in the midst of harsh weather conditions, has resulted in her experiencing the flu.

The flu has spread across the country, closing schools; even the speaker of the parliament missed a week of plenary sessions.

Ms. Tymoshenko's decision to delay her departure to the United States, taken on the advice of her physician, has resulted in the cancellation of a robust schedule of events in New York.

"Ms. Tymoshenko understands that this schedule change will be a disappointment to many in New York," said Mr. Hryhoriy Nemyria, a Ukrainian Member of Parliament and senior foreign policy advisor to Ms. Tymoshenko. "Consequently, she is already discussing plans for a return trip to New York as part of her outreach to various diaspora, media, public policy, and business constituencies in the United States and elsewhere."

Ms. Tymoshenko's trip to the US follows a series of recent diplomatic outreaches, including trips to Brussels and Berlin in November and to Israel in January.

In Washington later this week, Ms. Tymoshenko will meet with government officials, lawmakers, policy experts and business leaders to discuss the important issues facing Ukraine.

She will address efforts to advance the country's path to democratic reform and be honored by policy organizations that support her passion and commitment to Ukraine.

She will also speak at some of the most prominent American think-tanks on topics of Ukrainian and American interest.

Source: U.S. Newswire