Ukraine’s President, Parliament At Odds Over Government

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine’s President Viktor Yushchenko vetoed for the eighth time the law on the national government passed by parliament and offered to set up a conciliatory commission to resolve the dispute.

Viktor Yanukovych with parliament in the background

First deputy head of the presidential secretariat Arseny Yatsenyuk said 86 presidential amendments had not been taken into consideration and blamed the Supreme Rada for taking over two many presidential powers.

“There are key differences in the ideology of the variants of the president and the Supreme Rada. The law should bring stability to state authority and service in general.

A primitive re-writing of constitutional norms and appropriating powers is not an adequate approach,” he told a briefing.

The law specified, in particular, that if the president fails to nominate candidates for the posts of the defense and foreign ministers in a fixed time, the ruling coalition would do the job.

That gives parliament a possibility to appoint a new foreign minister after it sacked Boris Tarasyuk on December 1 upon a request of Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich.

However on December 5 the president ordered Tarasyuk to stay.

Since then Tarasyuk has been twice barred from government meetings, and did not come to the third one himself.

The Justice ministry said the president abused his powers by keeping Tarasyuk in office. It said Supreme Rada enjoyed the right to dismiss the foreign minister.

However, the head of the presidential secretariat Viktor Baloga snubbed the prime minister and parliament again by saying Tarasyuk would remain the foreign minister.

“Mr. Tarasyuk is so staunchly fulfilling the instructions of the president of Ukraine that I fear Viktor Fedorovich (Yanukovich) may get tired of waiting for his resignation,” he told a briefing commenting on Yanukovich’s statement that Tarasyuk was ready to resign shortly.

Source: Itar-Tass


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