Klitschko Brothers: UNESCO Champions

PARIS, France -- Former two-time heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko and current IBF and IBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko will be named UNESCO Champions by Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of the organization, on Monday, Dec. 4. Many celebrities, politicians and athletes are expected to attend the event.

Wladimir (L) and Vitali Klitschko

The designation of the Klitschko brothers is a tribute to their exceptional success in boxing, their long-term commitment on behalf of the less-privileged, their exemplary efforts to promote and support UNESCO’s “Education For Children In Need’’ program and their valuable contribution to furthering the organization’s ideals and objectives.

In August 2006, the Klitschko brothers traveled to Namibia to promote educational activities for the children of the San community, who are among the most isolated and underprivileged in the north and west of the country.

In 2004 and 2005, the brothers lent support to a UNESCO project in Romania. In 2002, they helped a project in Brazil. In addition, they have created several foundations in Ukraine that benefit children and sport.

Before successfully defending his heavyweight titles against previously unbeaten Calvin Brock Nov. 11, 2006, Wladimir announced he would donate part of the revenue of ticket sales from that fight to UNESCO’s “Education For Children in Need."

During the Dec. 4 ceremony, he will present a check for $285,000 to the Director-General.

Other UNESCO Champions for Sport include Ukrainian pole-vaulter Sergei Bubka, Russian hockey player Viatcheslav Fetisov and German Formula One racer Michael Schumacher. Brazilian soccer player, Pelé, has been UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador since 1994.

These athletes spread UNESCO’s message the world over. In this way, they focus media attention on UNESCO’s goal to promote the values of physical education and sport to build a better future for young people.

Source: East Side Boxing


Nicholas said…
The Klitschko Brothers are two of the nicest, gentle people one can meet.

I had the pleasure of meeting them both, several months ago.

This award is well deserved.
klitschkofan said…
good! that should be good for UNESCO, the children and the Klitschkos, motivating them even further to persue children's rights, sticking with this kind of politics! their voices are already heard and since they are very authentic they can reach even further people.

nicholas, if i may ask, where did you meet them?
Nicholas said…
I met the Klitschko brothers one Saturday morning at the Arizona BBQ restaurant, in Kiev.
klitschkofan said…
thank you, nicholas, and enjoy your sunday!
I have never met them,but i have with Michael Schumacher he deserves his UNESCO award, he has been kind and generous in his donations to help anyone in the world, i love and adore him.