Ukraine Should Implement The Recommendations Of The UN Human Rights Committee

NEW YORK, NY - The Ukrainian government should promptly implement the recommendations of the UN Human Rights Committee, which issued its concluding observations on 3 November 2006 following its examination on 23 October 2006 of Ukraine’s sixth periodic report under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Domestic violence is a major problem in Ukraine, due to the high rate of alcoholism in the male population

The findings of the Committee echoed concerns expressed by Amnesty International regarding torture and other ill-treatment in police detention, conditions in pre-trial detention, domestic violence, the failure to protect the rights of asylum-seekers and in particular the deportation of 10 Uzbek asylum-seekers in February 2006, and the failure to protect religious and ethnic minorities from racist and anti-Semitic attacks.

Amnesty International supports the recommendations of the Human Rights Committee, which include among other things that the authorities “provide for the independent inspection of detention facilities, with the authority to interview any inmates in private”; that the authorities “should not expel or deport aliens to any country where there is a risk of torture or ill-treatment”; that the government should “intensify its efforts to combat domestic violence” and ensure that social and medical centres for victims of domestic violence are available to all women and that the provision in the law regarding “victim behaviour” should not be used to provide impunity for the perpetrators; that the government “should ensure that all members of ethnic, religious, or linguistic minorities are protected against violence and discrimination”.

Source: Amnesty International