Shevchenko In Italy Return?

LONDON, England -- After notching up three goals in three games, rumours persist that Andriy Shevchenko yearns for a return to Italian football.

Striker Andriy Shevchenko

This morning every Sunday tabloid I`ve picked up contains a reference to the Ukraine striker apparently wanting a return to Serie A.

The story appears to be gaining substance from a phone call that reportedly occurred between Shevchenko and Silvio Berlusconi.

Berlusconi the former Italian Prime Minister and current AC Milan supremo apparently talked to Andriy just hours after the Ukrainian striker celebrated the birth of his son during the week.

If Berlusconi is to be believed then the conversation he had with tabloid journalists eager to hawk his story went something like this,

"I spoke with Andriy on the telephone on Friday. He called me. I was very happy to hear form him and I was with several other people and we all sent him our warmest greetings."

"Naturally we all started singing - Sheva come back to us, come back to us - and he said - I would very much like to."

However, we here at Vital Chelsea suspect that our Ukrainian striker may merely have been just appeasing his former employer. After all, his natural politeness would prevent him form telling Berlusconi anything else.

Naturally, the tabloids try and put another slant on it, suggesting that Shevchenko is struggling in the Premiership and that it took until October 21st for him to score his first Premiership goal.

I think we`ll put this rumour in the trash can for the time being, unless off course Milan want to talk about a part exchange deal involving Kaka?

Source: Chelsea Football Club News