Rockville Biotech To Test Tuberculosis Patch In Ukraine

WASHINGTON, DC -- Rockville-based Sequella has partnered with an international nonprofit group to test its tuberculosis patch in the Ukraine.

TB has reached epidemic proportions in Ukraine

With funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development among other sources, Sequella will be working with PATH to test the efficiency and effectiveness of its TB Patch on 300 Ukrainian patients.

For the past three years, Seattle-based PATH has been working to prevent the spread of tuberculosis in the Ukraine, one of 14 countries in which it operates.

Sequella has already tested the TB Patch, which is designed to detect the disease within four days of wear, in four Phase II trials in the Philippines, Peru and South Africa. The company wants to enter into partnerships that help it fund further testing of the technology in hopes of launching it worldwide.

Along with the partnership, the company has added a new chief medical officer, Gary Horwith, a former clinical vice president at Nabi Biopharmaceuticals and Genetic Therapy, a Novartis subsidiary.

Horwith, who has a background in infectious diseases, will be responsible for moving Sequella's products through the pipeline.

Source: Washington Business Journal