Yushchenko Offers Technological Aid To Peres

BERLIN, Germany -- At a meeting in Berlin Tuesday, Ukrainian president Victor Yushchenko offered Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres his cooperation in the development of missiles and satellites, in the shadow of his country’s past development of missiles for the former Soviet Union.

Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres

Peres in turn offered Yushchenko his cooperation in the nano-technology field and in investments in the “Peace Valley”. Yushchenko will head an economic committee that will visit Israel on November 7.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, about 200 nuclear soviet missiles could be found in the Ukraine. The missiles and nuclear heads were returned to Russia, except for 12-20 missiles which ‘disappeared’ and were apparently transferred secretly to Iran in an illegal deal.

These missiles were thought to have been used by Iran in the development of the country’s “Shihab” missiles.

Peres and Yushchenko met at Peres’ hotel and discussed the development of nano-technology in the struggle against world terror.

Yushchenko expressed interest in the idea of a possible collaboration on the subject.

Peres also offered the Ukraine to cooperate in the "Peace Valley," set to encompass the area between the Red Sea in the south and the Yarmuch River in the north.

The project is expected to include a channel that will connect the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, advanced industries areas and tourism projects in which three countries – Israel, Jordan and the Palestinians would cooperate.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are set to be invested in the huge initiative by international bodies. Former United States President Bill Clinton is currently contemplating the possibility of heading the project.

Peres told Yushchenko that the "Peace Valley" initiative is set to be launched next year, and added: "The development of peace will be carried out by economic means, after the diplomatic means have failed."

Yushchenko, on his part, expressed interest in contributing to the subject.

Source: YNet News