Ukraine's UMC Stops Providing NMT-450 Mobile Services

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine's second largest mobile operator Ukrainian Mobile Communications, or UMC, has ceased providing mobile services in the NMT-450 standard, the company said in a press release Monday.

The move follows the Ukrainian government's ruling on June 9 to classify the standard as outdated and to force operators to stop providing NMT-450 services in the country, UMC said.

Earlier this year the company obtained a CDMA-450 mobile license that allows offering mobile and high-speed data transfer services in the same frequency range as NMT-450.

UMC is currently holding a tender to buy CDMA-450 equipment and plans to start testing CDMA-450 services by the end of the year, UMC said.

The company earlier offered its NMT-450 subscribers to switch to the company's GSM services retaining their phone numbers.

Russia's largest mobile operator Mobile TeleSystems, or MTS, owns UMC. The Ukrainian company's network covers more than 87% of Ukraine's territory, which is inhabited by 93% of the country's population.

UMC's subscriber base totaled 15.5 million users as of July 31, or 16.3% up since January 1 and 52.6% up on the year, according to the company's earlier reports.

Source: Prime-Tass