Clear The Streets

KIEV, Ukraine -- Anyone who’s been to Kyiv can attest to its pedestrian-friendly, tree-lined streets, which conveniently traverse the center of town, making a car largely unnecessary.

Traffic jam on main street Khreschatyk on a typical day

This is nice for tourists as well as inhabitants of the Ukrainian capital.

Within the last half dozen years, however, pedestrians have been crowded out by the increasing number of automobiles and construction sites.

Many find this irritating, but it is also a sign of development and a bustling economy. So be it!

But when motorists flaunt the law, driving and parking on the limited sidewalk space still available to those without cars, something has to be done.

The City Council recently took a decision to partly alleviate the situation, by allowing city evacuators to haul away the vehicles of those who think they can park them where they want.

Good for the Council! Unfortunately, on Oct. 12, Kyiv’s Shevchenko District Court canceled the Council’s decision.

If the courts don’t stand up for the rights of the authorities to enforce the law on such a local, albeit fairly clear-cut issue, what is the message for bigger offenders?

Source: Kyiv Post