We Need Time To Work With Shevvy - Jose

LONDON, UK -- Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has no fears about Andriy Shevchenko's ability to adjust to life in the Premiership.

Andriy Shevchenko (L)

Shevchenko, 29, was expected to produce an explosion of goals after his £30million move from AC Milan to Chelsea but the goals are not flowing in London.

He has scored once in four Premiership games but his manager leapt to his defence after a subdued performance in Chelsea's 2-1 win against Charlton. Mourinho said: "The quality is there.

It doesn't worry me. What worries me is that we have no time to work again before another important game."

Mourinho added: "I think he has adapted. The problem today (Saturday) was easy to see. He played a big game for Ukraine against Georgia on Wednesday and then travels to London.

"He arrives at 6am on Thursday and, 48 hours later, he has a difficult game against a good team. We have no time to prepare and no time to work."

Chelsea's Champions League campaign starts on Tuesday with a home game against Werder Bremen - a team which Michael Ballack says can be brilliant or awful.

Ballack said: "They are a team that thinks very offensively. They want to score every game. But sometimes they give chances to the other team and make mistakes in defence.

"At Munich, we lost three years ago at home. They won 3-0 and they won the title too. This was not good.

"But I remember games where they lost badly because they were playing so offensively. In the Champions League they lost 7-2 at Lyon, two years ago. They were not very stable."

Source: Soccer 365