Ukrainian Parliament Supports Pro-Kremlin PM’s Anti-NATO Attitude

KIEV, Ukraine -- The Ukrainian parliament has thrown its weight behind the prime minister’s vision of the country’s relations with NATO Viktor Yanukovich explained during his recent visit to Brussels, ITAR-TASS news agency reported.

A total of 242 legislators voted in support of the prime minister’s statement “all specific actions regarding Ukraine’s future application for NATO membership must be decided on with reliance on the will of the Ukrainian people” and the results of a corresponding referendum.

The Ukrainian parliament instructed the government to “consistently and actively conduct a policy of ensuring the supremacy of law, enhancing democracy, political pluralism and market economy and promoting the dissemination of impartial information about the role of NATO in the modern world and guidelines for its reform.”

The parliamentary foreign affairs and national security committees were instructed to draft and submit to parliament for consideration a bill setting special rules Ukraine is to follow in seeking admission to military and political alliances.

At the session of the Ukraine-NATO commission in Brussels on September 14 Yanukovich declared Ukraine was unprepared to comply with the NATO admission action plan.

He suggested separating the question of Ukraine’s membership of NATO from that of cooperation with the alliance.

Source: MOS News