Ukraine Picks Yanukovych Over Yushchenko

KIEV, Ukraine -- Adults in Ukraine are satisfied with their prime minister, according to a poll by the Ukrainian Institute of Sociology and the Social Monitoring Centre. 50 per cent of respondents have confidence in Party of Regions (PR) leader Viktor Yanukovych.

Yushchenko (L) anf Yanukovych (R)

Conversely, only 37 per cent of respondents feel the same way about Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko.

Ukrainian voters renewed the Supreme Council on Mar. 26. On Jul. 11, the "anti-crisis" coalition—which includes the PR, the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) and the Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU)—was formally announced.

On Aug. 4, Yanukovych, who lost in the 2004 presidential election to Yushchenko of the People’s Union-Our Ukraine (NS-NU), was confirmed as prime minister.

Yanukovych and Yushchenko agreed on a 27-point declaration, which contemplates improving Ukraine’s relations with the European Union (EU) and includes a plan to eventually join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Earlier this month, Yushchenko expressed his views on Ukraine’s eventual entry into the EU, saying, "Ukraine is making an effort to fulfil the demands for EU accession candidates and expects a confirmation of its European perspective from Brussels."

EU external relations commissioner declared: "The future is not prejudged, but at this moment clearly there is no membership perspective."

Polling Data

Do you have confidence in prime minister Viktor Yanukovych?

Yes - 50%

No - 43%

Do you have confidence in president Viktor Yushchenko?

Yes - 37%

No - 55%

Source: Ukrainian Institute of Sociology / Social Monitoring Centre. Interviews with 2,000 Ukrainian adults, conducted in mid-September 2006. No margin of error was provided.

Source: Angus Reid