Ukraine, New Cabinet In Parallel

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine former Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko intends to form a new government working in parallel to the cabinet of Victor Yanukovich hoping to take the reins of the Executive, press media commented on Sunday.

Yulia Timoshenko

According to Timoshenko´s plans, the ministers appointed by the opposition political bloc will make the reserve of the future Executive, revealed the online newspaper.

Officials in charge of the ministries will be the same as those holding the seats of an authentic ministerial cabinet, assured Timoshenko confident on the prompt triumph.

Referring to the realization of her plans, she said that the "shadow government" could come into fruition after the Our Ukraine pro-governmental bloc headed by Victor Yushenko decides whether it joins the illegal adventure or not.

The paper recalls that after the fission of the "orange coalition", precisely with Our Ukraine and the Socialist Party to constitute the parliamentary majority, Timoshenko lost the opportunity to recover the coveted seat of prime minister.

She does not want to participate in the anti-crisis alliance led by Prime Minister Victor Yanukovich either as she considers him her very first political enemy.

Source: Prensa Latina