Ukraine Is Alleged Of Selling Kolchuga To Iran

KIEV, Ukraine -- Jane’s Defence Weekly reported on Monday Ukraine had sold Kolchuga radio intelligence complexes to Iran. According, to British experts, such acquirement equipment has been aimed at reinforcement of Iran’s antiaircraft defence in the light of the nuclear program.

Kolchuga Station

The Kolchuga is intended to detect the take-off and formation of aircraft groups at ranges beyond those of existing radar, as well as determine the course and speed of targets while designating them for air-defence systems.

It can identify aerial targets through their emissions and identify the mode of aircraft weapon control systems.

Three Kolchuga stations would normally operate along with a command vehicle to provide accurate triangulation on a target. The system is claimed to have a range of 600 km (narrow beam) or 200 km (wide beam) along a front of 1,000 km.

It is not known how many Kolchuga stations Iran has acquired. However, sources told Jane's that each costs about USD25 million, with deliveries either recent or imminent.

It is not the first time when Ukraine is alleged in selling of Kolchuga. In 2001-2002 the country was alleged in illegal sale of this intelligence complex to Saddam Hussein’s regime.

It was the most serious scandal in the history of the independent Ukraine. Along with Gongadze’s case, it led to the international isolation of Ex-President Leonid Kuchma.

However, having launched military operation in Iraq, the US admitted that it was false allegations against Ukraine. None of such complexes was found in the territory of Iraq, the US proved.

“The USA does not raise issues related to Kolchuga within the context of its relations with Ukraine anymore,” said the US Ex-Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst in November 2003.

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