Ukraine Hopes To Strengthen Cooperation With EU: PM

KIEV, Ukraine -- The Ukrainian government is willing to enhance cooperation with the European Union (EU) and sign a relevant fundamental agreement, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych said on Monday.

The EU had paid great attention to the new Ukrainian government's stance on the country's integration with Europe and whether the two sides could continue to develop their cooperation, Yanukovych said.

He added that his Socialist Party supported the integration process of Ukraine and Europe, saying it was "the future of the nation."

Ukraine must raise the standard of living of its residents and boost reforms in the fields of economy and the legal system to get ready for the integration, said the prime minister.

Yanukovych said his country and the EU should realize "interaction" with each other in the process, adding that Ukraine hoped to set up a free trade area with the bloc.

Ukraine would also make efforts to join the World Trade Organization on the basis of protecting the interests of the country's enterprises, he said.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Yanukovych will head a delegation to attend the 10th session of the Ukraine-EU Cooperation Committee and a meeting between his country and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels on Thursday, in his first visit to the EU and NATO headquarters after the parliament approved him as prime minister on Aug. 4.

Source: Xinhua