Regional Toyota Director, Three Others Dead In Ukraine Plane Crash

KIEV, Ukraine -- A regional head for the Toyota corporation and three others died in a Ukrainian plane crash, the Interfax news agency reported on Monday.

L-200 Morava aircraft

Serhy Mironishchenko had managed Toyota's branch office in the eastern industrial region Dnipropetrovsk, one of Ukraine's largest automobile markets.

Investigators were blaming failure of the left engine in a L-200 Morava aircraft for Sunday's crash.

The twin engine aircraft struck ground in a field some 20 kilometres from a private Dnipropetrovsk airport.

Other victims included Mironishchenko's wife and two passengers.

Mironishchenko had been a licensed private pilot.

Police were investigating the cause of the accident.

The plane had received regular maintenance checks, most recently in May, according to the report.

The L-200 is a Czech-built four-seater popular with amateur pilots in the former Soviet Union.

It has a reputation for ease of operation and reliability.

Source: Deutsche Presse-Agentur